“Inclusion is not a project or an initiative. It is the progressive development of attitudes, behaviors, systems and beliefs that enable inclusive education to become a norm that underpins school culture and is reflected in the everyday life of the school community”

– Dubai Inclusive Policy Framework, 2017

NLCS Dubai Vision for Inclusion

To provide an ambitious education where students’ achievements and successes are celebrated, and their passion for learning ignited, through the promotion of a positive, inclusive ethos that embraces every student’s uniqueness.

What we do

NLCS Dubai is committed to providing an inclusive and enabling environment where all students feel valued, safe and confident enough to ‘try themselves out’. As such, all of our students are able to access and enjoy every aspect of School life.

We are committed to providing a first class education and positive school experience for all students, without labels or ceilings. Where necessary, NLCS Dubai provides accommodations and adjustments for students who have been identified as having barriers to their learning, and this includes students of determination. This means all students are fully involved in every aspect of school life, are able to fulfill their true potential and have an equitable experience to that of their peers.

Our Students

Who better to tell you about inclusion at NLCS Dubai than the students themselves? This is what our students say about the support they receive from the inclusion team at NLCS:

“The school is 100% inclusive. If I am struggling I don’t even need to ask for help, teachers already know when I need help because they know me really well.”
Grade 11 student
“I feel confident with my learning in school, especially my times tables. Also, I have learned tricks that help me improve and to do much better.”
Grade 3 student
“I have enjoyed working with the teachers from the Inclusion Department. I have gained a lot in terms of improving my spellings, comprehension and inferencing during these sessions, and I am able to use it during my class lessons. My confidence that I can do many things has grown in the last couple of months.”
Grade 4 student
“The support helps me to be clever and not left behind in my learning.”
Grade 3 student
“I get a lot of reassurance that nothing will go wrong and I can do much more than what I already do. It makes me feel good.”
Grade 5 student
“The adult support helps me concentrate and also helps me to write proper sentences.”
Grade 1 student

Meet the Team

“The Inclusion team has spent great time and thought creating a strong support network, with staff and systems in place, to insure that every individual student is cared for. The inclusion provision at NLCS Dubai is truly a reflection of the school’s ethos that every individual matters, and that the school aims to create floors not ceilings.”

– Mrs Edwina Viel, Governor for Inclusion

Emma DawsonVice Principal and Inclusion Champion
Tracey KellyHead of Whole School Inclusion
Ellese BarracloughHead of Lower School Inclusion
Aarti OdhraniSchool Counsellor

Aisling MannionSupport Teacher Junior School
Anneka BowlesSupport Teacher Junior School
Maria LoweSupport Teacher Junior School
James JoudreyEnglish as an Additional Language Teacher Junior School

We also have a group of well-qualified and experienced Learning Support Assistants who work alongside our teachers, and with individuals and small groups of students who needs additional support.

Junior School Learning Support Assistants

  • Cherry Perez
  • Dulari Dharmasen
  • Ma Gay Castillo
  • Bina Advani
  • Nargis Sattar
  • Rihab Bayoumi

Senior School Learning Support Assistants

  • Aurora Velasco
  • Marwa Maghraby


If you are a parent of a student of determination seeking admission to the School, please contact the admissions team who will work with you to ensure that the admissions process, and related assessments, are adapted to meet the individual needs of your child.


Our practices and policies are fully compliant with local legislation surrounding education of those who have additional needs. This legislation is contained in:

  • United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • UAE’s Federal Law #29
  • Dubai Law #2
  • Executive Council Resolution #2 – Regulating Schools in the Emirate of Dubai

If you would like to know more about inclusive education in Dubai, please consult the following documents:

The School’s inclusion policy outlines our approach to the identification and support of all students with additional needs and can be found here:

Further support and guidance

There are many centres where students and families of students who have additional needs can seek help and advice in and around Dubai. Should you wish to discuss the centres we use, please contact the Head of Inclusion.


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