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Our lives are shaped by the experiences we have in our school years. An academically ambitious education that challenges students to discover their passions, push beyond their current horizons and become leaders, will prepare them for a successful and fulfilling future. At NLCS Dubai, we will support every child to develop their own unique gifts and to become grounded, self-confident individuals, with no limit to their potential.

NLCS Dubai is located in the Sobha Hartland development at Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, just three kilometres from the Burj Khalifa. NLCS Dubai is an authorised IB World School, delivering an International Baccalaureate (IB) education. The School offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP)Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP).

Our students will leave us with a clear sense of where their passions and interests lie, having experienced a wide variety of activities and opportunities: academic, sporting and artistic. They will be prepared for the challenges of a world in which borders are fading, in which international mindedness and compassion are essential. They will be equipped with the skills and attributes to think flexibly, to be independent, balanced, and to take risks where appropriate. They will welcome and be curious about other cultures and recognise a breadth of perspectives on world history and events. We believe that the IB programmes provide the ‘gold standard’ in education for today’s world and for tomorrow’s.

Since 1850, NLCS (UK) has maintained its reputation for providing an outstanding education. Founded by  Victorian pioneers of education, Frances Mary Buss, in her family home in North London, the original vision of the school was to give to girls the quality of education and the aspirations that, at the time, were only afforded to their brothers. The vision of our founder remains true to this day – we are a school which believes  fundamentally in what students ‘can do’, in never placing ceilings on what they can achieve, never ‘labelling’ them, and never writing them off. Strong in tradition yet forward-thinking and outward-looking, North London Collegiate schools provide an ambitious academic education, led by highly qualified, knowledgeable teachers through engaging and inspiring lessons.
The Sutton Trust has described NLCS as the most successful school in the United Kingdom in placing its students into the country’s most competitive universities. Our 2022 average IB Diploma score of 40.7 places NLCS as among the best IB school in the UK for the thirteenth consecutive year, and among the very best IB schools in the world. Students at NLCS Dubai enjoy a quality of teaching and learning that enables them to strive for the highest levels of academic attainment. Our students have confidence in their abilities and are encouraged to believe in themselves, take risks and stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible.
We recruit some of the best teachers from around the world: they are highly qualified and inspire their students to discover a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Teachers are carefully selected for their love of their subject. They encourage students to explore beyond curriculum boundaries and discover their own passions. The school will feel busy and purposeful, with warm and respectful relationships developed between staff and students and between the students themselves. It is a place where everyone matters.
We believe that a happy student is a successful student, and that with the right guidance they will be able to flourish academically and socially. Our teachers guide their students to understand academic excellence and recognise that it is attainable. We strive to provide our students with an exceptional platform for life after school, as evidenced by the many Old North Londoners in public positions across film and media, and in leadership roles within the arts, sciences, engineering, law and commerce.
Each member of our teaching staff has a specific pastoral responsibility, ensuring that every student receives the individual support that they need in order to flourish. NLCS students exude a grounded self-confidence and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone to try new things. Our pastoral care is designed to help students overcome any difficulties, whether academic, social or personal; we give up on no-one.
NLCS Dubai retains a deep connection to our London ’mother’ school, and an unremitting commitment to replicating the NLCS quality and ethos. Our London school has a key role in recruiting and training our teaching staff. We benefit from regular monitoring visits and inspections, and are committed to forging substantial links between pupils and teachers across our schools. NLCS Dubai follows in the footsteps of our already highly successful overseas campus in Jeju, South Korea, creating a family of schools that continues to build our ‘community for life’, via our Old North Londoner networks.
At NLCS Dubai, we understand that often it’s what students do beyond the curriculum that helps to shape their personalities and differentiate them from the crowd. All students will take part in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies to pursue their interests and to discover a love of activities that perhaps they’ve never had the opportunity to try before. Whether your son or daughter is a keen musician, performer, artist or sports-person, there is a multitude of activities to cater for everyone. Alongside all that you would expect from a world-class education, we are keen to offer activities in keeping with Dubai’s location and unique heritage, such as equestrian and water sports, as part of our extra-curricular programme.
  • To provide an ambitious academic education to enable every individual student to make the most of their intellect and abilities
  • To nurture a team of professional teachers who inspire their students with a love of their subjects and a spirit of scholarship
  • To enable all students to recognise excellence and realise that it is attainable
  • To ensure that every member of the School feels valued, supported and encouraged
  • To foster a community built on positive relationships between staff and students and between students themselves
  • To encourage students to embrace new challenges confidently, and respond to setbacks in a resilient and determined manner
  • To develop an outward looking, internationally minded community that promotes respect and compassion, service to others, and active, positive participation in society and the wider world

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