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The Nicholson Lecture Student Led Event

NewsThe Nicholson Lecture Student Led Event

The Nicholson Lecture Student Led Event

Tuesday February 25, 2020
junior school art

The Nicholson Lecture series is an integral part of a North London Collegiate School education as it affords teachers the opportunity to express their deep subject passion to a whole-school audience. This Tuesday, however, saw our inaugural Nicholson Live event in which two students took the reins from their teachers and delivered their own mini-lectures. One of the students, delivered a fascinating talk entitled “Where are languages derived from?”, focusing on the origins of the four languages she speaks: English, Gujarati, Kutchi and Swahili. She also discussed how her family came to speak all four of these languages, the geographical reasons for how they all came to be spoken in East Africa and how they have influenced one another. Meanwhile, the other student’s lecture, “Viruses: Past, Present and Future”, was a thought-provoking and detailed discussion that tackled the biological, geographical and political aspects of the current novel coronavirus outbreak.



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