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CPE Registration Number 201621489R
CPE Registration Period 25-07-2019 to 24-07-2023

The NLCS (Singapore) story began over 160 years ago, when educational pioneer Frances Mary Buss first opened NLCS in London. Ever since that day, the NLCS programme has been synonymous with excellence, ambition and aspiration. NLCS (Singapore) draws on that rich history and tradition to provide our students with an inspirational and life-changing educational experience that will ensure they become successful, well-rounded, and compassionate human beings.

NLCS (Singapore) produces scholars and critical thinkers. Individuals who have the ability and drive to bring positive change to the world around them, thanks to the “NLCS DNA” that is instilled within each one of them. This NLCS spirit is nurtured through exposing our students to opportunities which challenge them intellectually, physically and emotionally, on a day-to-day basis. The NLCS (Singapore) experience holds the traditions and values of our founders dear, and applies them in our exciting, international, dynamic, global environment.

Outstanding pastoral care that focuses on the needs of each individual, and commits that no child will ever feel unsupported in our school, lies at the heart of everything that we do.

The school boasts a built-up area of approximately 300,000 sqft, with a diverse array of learning spaces required to deliver an outstanding world-class education which caters to every possible interest and talent. The Campus is located on Depot Road and is just 10 minutes away from popular areas such as Orchard Road, Holland Village, Keppel Bay and the Central Business District of Singapore.

Key facts:

  • Founding date: 2020
  • Headmistress: Mr Paul Friend
  • Head of Junior School: Ms Susan Tillney
  • Chair of Governors: Mr Stuart Issacs
  • Website:
  • Address: 130 Depot Road, Singapore 109708
  • Curriculum: Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme
  • School type: Day
  • School type: Co-ed

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