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Friday June 22, 2018

Amanat Partnership News

We are pleased to announce that Sobha has secured a partnership on the School’s real estate with Amanat Holdings, a leading investor in social infrastructure in the region. This partnership is a further affirmation of NLCS Dubai’s operational strength, quality of facilities and Sobha’s commitment to the School.

We believe it is important to provide clarity on this issue as there has been some misinformed speculation on social media. NLCS has been aware of the plan to do a sale and lease back of the property for quite some time. These financial structures are very common among mature and well established schools and corporates. Several leading schools globally as well as in Dubai follow such a model.

The transaction with Amanat pertains only to the real estate portion of the School, and does not affect our school operations. NLCS Dubai has long term lease rights on the property and will continue to operate as before, and at the same high level of commitment and delivery that you have seen from us in our first year of operations.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the School.

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