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Friday February 22, 2019

First School

We believe that curiosity of the mind should always be encouraged: from the youngest learners, through all grades and even our own staff members.

Our Pre-KG students have been having a great time discovering new understandings and connections through their current Unit of Inquiry, ‘Colours change in the natural world.’ They have moved on from exploring specific colours in our world, going on colour discovery walks and recording their observations, to looking at these colours in famous art-works throughout different artistic periods. As students’ curiosities and inquiry with colour developed, they started to look at colour in day and night, the changes and the effects of light as reflections, shadows and light sources. Students have been using their verbal reasoning, questioning and observation skills to make new discoveries and challenge their knowledge.

KG1 had a visit from Globo, the mascot from Global Village, to learn about adventures around the world. Together, they ‘visited’ every continent and had some questions answered about what happens in each. They have continued their global learning each week in their role-play sessions, during which they have flown to different homes around the world and discovered traditional artefacts, helping them to learn about one another’s cultures. Towards the end of term, they immersed themselves in cultural celebrations around the world: Dias de Los Meurtos, Holi, Chinese New Year, Songkran and Carnaval and held their own international day where students wore their own cultural clothes and brought in traditional cuisines for their peers to try. Each child presented their cuisine and explained why it is part of their culture to their friends.

KG2 have been immersing themselves in different environments as part of their Unit of Inquiry in which they have been looking at animal adaptations. They have smelt, touched, looked at and listened different environments to help them create imaginative and descriptive sentences about our world. This was also linked with their focus on extending their vocabulary. They have been “word detectives” and have used dictionaries to find out the meanings of words and find new, exciting words that they can use in their writing. Across all lessons, they have been practising their collaborative learning by listening to each other, taking turns and taking part in team games. In PE, they have been working on relay race skills to prepare for Sports Day!

Grade 1 have also been working very hard! They have explored different celebrations and traditions and the ways in which people are connected by shared beliefs and values. They have looked at the similarities and differences of cultures around the world and have had the opportunity to express their own cultural beliefs and values. They then linked this to how time and calendars have an impact on how we live our lives – paying special attention to celebrations that happen throughout the year. They created a class calendar, marked in important dates, and learnt to tell the time using an analogue clock and a 24-hour digital clock – understanding that time is an important organizational tool of our day-to-day lives.