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Learning Review in the First School

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Pre-KG have been getting green fingers as part of their unit of inquiry ‘people are responsible for living things.’ They have started a vegetable, herb and flower garden. In learning how to care for living things, by making sure the garden is tidy, clean and all the plants are well watered, they are not only finding out where our food comes from but also demonstrating their caring attributes.

KG1 had a fantastic trip to Legoland this term.  They visited the Lego factory to see how different types of Lego are made, went in a Lego submarine and even drove a Lego car.  They also had a workshop where they got to create their own Lego masterpieces including a car and an aeroplane.

They had an unexpected visit from the space community recently. The space kid set them a challenge: tell him everything they know about space. The children have been busying themselves with exploring gravity, planets, solar and lunar orbits, and the importance of spacesuits.

KG2 have been developing their story writing skills. They have been learning how to use adjectives, verbs and connectors and using these skills to write their very own imaginative stories. We look forward to hearing them very soon. As part of our whole school focus on sustainability they have also been hunting around school to investigate what things are made of. They found many things were made of plastic and metal and, following their investigation, they discussed the properties of different materials and their features, and considered whether there are any alternatives that are more sustainable.

Finally, Grade 1 demonstrated just how much fun they have packed into their learning this year with the journey they took us on through their units of inquiry assembly. Both staff and parents were struck by how much the children have not only blossomed academically, but personally and socially too. It was wonderful to see that the children have discovered their voices and enjoyed the limelight on stage. We certainly have many future performers amongst us in First School destined for the stage. They may have got their acting inspiration from their visit to the theatre to see Monstersaurus, which explores inventions and the impact they have on how we live our lives.

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