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Friday June 22, 2018

Outside of the classroom, our Senior School students have been incredibly busy preparing for two House competitions. Firstly, House Public Speaking was held in the penultimate week of term with all Houses were challenged to deliver not one, but two speeches: one from Grades 6-9 and one from Grades 9 and 10. Topics chosen by Grades 6-9 included ‘Why we should apologise to generation Z’; ‘How does education favour extroverts?’; ‘Do we live in a simulated universe?’ and ‘The relevance of traditional education in the 21st century’. Grades 9 and 10 chose topics such as ‘Is swearing as bad as we think?’; ‘Should the world become vegan?’; ‘A.I. and the creative revolution?’ and ‘Capitalism and its many flaws’. Whilst each speech included just three speakers, it must be noted that many other students were involved in the research and preparation of the presentations. Congratulations to all Houses who spoke with passion and enthusiasm.

The final House competition of the year was House Music. All four Houses were asked to prepare a solo performance, a small ensemble performance and a full House performance. It was wonderful to see and hear all our students and some staff giving it their all, singing such songs as Circle of Life, The Cup Song, Demons and Man in the Mirror. Congratulations to Jais who took home the House Music trophy for 2018.

When we opened last September, all we had were four names for our Houses. Our students developed and created the logo, mascot, motto and ethos of their respective Houses. They worked tirelessly to support each other in a huge variety of House activities and competitions. They have truly created a legacy that will go from strength to strength as our school community grows.

Of course, each year we present the overall trophy to the House that has accumulated the most amount of points over the year. This year, whilst all four Houses have done incredibly well in a very diverse set of competitions it is Yibir House who are the winners of the NLCS Dubai House Trophy for 2017/2018.

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