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House Competition

Monday December 23, 2019

As per usual, a new academic year at NLCS Dubai means an expansion of the School as we welcome many new students into our learning community. One of the ways in which we ensure they feel part of NLCS Dubai as quickly as possible is via the House system. In the Senior School, we added an additional form to each House this year meaning many existing students moved within their Houses but more importantly, we were able to place our new North Londoners into forms where they could assimilate and form relationships effectively not only with students in their own grades but also create friendships within the vertical form system we have found to be so impactful.

The House system allows every student to feel part of something very special whether that is being a member of a close-knit House community, representing their House in competitions or trying themselves out with something new.

After last years’ tied House Competition between Yibir and Jais, all Houses returned with a renewed vigour to do their best in all competitions. We have had the House Quiz, House Debating, House Football, House Photography and to end the term, House Music.

The House Quiz, as ever, is a challenging yet fun event in which students from all grades pit their knowledge against each other either individually or as a team. The 2019 questions were challenging as usual but our students did a wonderful job of remaining calm under pressure and astounding the audience with their knowledge on such subjects as musical theory, scientific discoveries and even the size of sports balls! Jais emerged victorious starting the year with a well-deserved victory.

Our second House competition event was House Debating. Each House put forward a team of debaters who each met each other in a series of debates over the course of a week. Topics included the relative benefits of veganism, whether we should remove paintings and statues from the past that could cause offence in the present, referendums and whether capitalism makes us happy. After seven tense debates, Jais gained their second victory of the year.

Our first sporting House competition of the year was House Football. As the days got cooler, our Houses played a series of round robin matches over a number of days with the vast majority of the Senior School students supporting from the sidelines. The effort and drive of all players was an inspiration with Javi emerging victorious on this occasion.

Towards the end of the term, the creative arts come to the forefront with House Photography on the theme of ‘Fairness and Development’. At the time of writing, Mrs. Michaels is busy selecting the chosen images for our House Photography exhibition at the end of term. To conclude the term we have the first of the ‘big three’ double point competitions. House Music involves every single member of the House as they perform a solo/duet, an ensemble piece and of course the House song. The hard work that goes into what is effectively a twelve part concert is incredible and demonstrates not only the musical talents of our students but also the commitment, drive and pride they all have as they work together to achieve the best outcomes for their respective houses.

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