Care, Courtesy and Consideration

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Care, Courtesy and Consideration

Sunday February 17, 2019

Our School ethos focuses on Care, Courtesy and Consideration and as part of the IB, our students are asked to demonstrate these attributes via their Service Learning work and their CAS work at Diploma Level. Recently Grade 10 students Hyemin and Jay delivered an assembly on their volunteer work in Uganda.

‘The real connection between people comes from listening to what others experience. That is why we think it is important to share our recent medical outreach experience in Uganda with our school community. During our volunteering stay we learnt many things by observing and being in contact with the locals and working with the medical professionals – we learnt how grateful we should be, and are, for what we have and the ease of care that is afforded to us. One of our most unforgettable memories was of Stephan, a 10-year-old boy. He came in with a broken arm and face covered with blood. He underwent major surgery in the clinic and was told to come back the next day, but he never did. We hope that he is somewhere in Uganda, safe and running around with his friends. We both wish to go back and help more people and spread our love, happiness and joy to them. We cannot recommend volunteering enough but as Ms Kanyerezi said in her lecture…be careful and research who you are working with as your kindness and hard work should make a real difference to other people’s lives!’ Hyemin and Jay G10

As is stated in our Founder’s Day ceremony: ‘Much is required from those to whom much is given’. We as a school are committed to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. The Charity Committee, this term, have been building on their considerable efforts prior to the winter break. As part of the Dubai Cares Philanthropy Award, they held a bake sale and non-uniform day, which raised almost AED9000.

In the final week of term, our students engaged in ‘Kindness Week’. They were asked to make promises to be kind in a variety of ways, demonstrate kindness by doing five good turns for each other and created affirmation booklets, which each student can carry around with them. The term ended with students bringing in food to collect for our local workers, to spread our culture of kindness beyond the school walls.

As we move towards the summer term we look forward to seeing the results of all the altruistic efforts of our Senior School students, especially those who will help deliver a series of Bio Gas ovens during their trip to rural Nepal at spring break.