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Service Learning and Exhibitions

Friday June 22, 2018

As an IB School, we not only focus on academic excellence but also on ensuring our students have an opportunity to show service learning and community action. Recently students from Grades 6, 7 and 8 exhibited both their community action projects and service learning activities in the Atrium. Parents and students enthusiastically praised the projects, which ranged from helping construction workers, working with animal shelters, volunteering at Senses Autism Centre and providing technical support for school productions. The wide range of projects and the way in which students approached this independently should be commended and the presentations and delivery of the exhibition demonstrated how improved our student’s communication skills have become.

Similarly, Grade 5 concluded their year with their PYP Exhibition in the penultimate week of term. They exhibited the concepts of the PYP through researching, planning and executing a presentation about an area about which they were passionate. Their exhibition was based on the transdisciplinary theme that “creating and responding to the arts can develop understanding of ourselves and the world around us”. It was a fantastic success, receiving great feedback from parents and students alike, who commented on the mature and engaging manner in which the Grade 5s displayed their learning and passion for their topics.

Recently, Grade 9 student Mahnoor led an assembly on her service learning experiences with a research project looking into malnutrition in rural Kashmir. She detailed the preparations she made for the study and the practical action she carried out to contribute towards the research. It was very interesting to hear of her thoughts regarding the findings and perhaps Mahnoor will use this experience as an inspiration for her own career! We hope that her work will inspire other students to independently organise their own projects outside of school, as the experience one can gain from such activities and then presenting findings to peers is invaluable experience for the world after school.

Finally, a few words of advice to our Senior School students. The summer break is long and it is a great opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries ready for a new year of learning. However, there are many opportunities for learning on offer. If you are travelling, find out about the local culture and history of the place, try to speak the local language and visit sites that may contribute to your understanding of certain subjects. Take a book on holiday with you, challenge yourself with something different to what you usually read. Maybe even read some non-fiction or content that links to your learning in the Autumn term. Keep up-to-date with the news, as global issues will not suddenly stop happening in July and August, but most of all enjoy yourself and make sure you get a few images of the NLCS Dubai Tote Bag on your travels, send them to and look out for where our school community is travelling via our Instagram page.

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