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Outside of the Classroom

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Students in the Junior School have also been looking at how a healthy mind and body can have an impact on their learning. They have been exploring the benefits of mindfulness and living a healthy life. The Junior School recognise that learning outside of a conventional classroom situation can be very powerful. Students in Grade 2 were excited to visit Dubai International Airport and investigate the signs and symbols all around us and how they can be designed to make our lives easier and more organised. Grade 3 have also welcomed parents into their classes to speak to them about establishing non-governmental organisations, sharing their knowledge and experiences. This has really inspired the students to plan their own organisation based on human needs and present their ideas through a ‘Dragon’s Den’ forum. Planning and organisation are also evident in Grade 5 who have recently been working hard to produce and stage their very own version of “Alice in Wonderland”. “Alice the Musical” has been placed in their capable hands as they are challenged to choreograph and stage the show themselves. They have risen to the challenge and we look forward to the results of their hard work. Away from lessons, the Junior School student council has been looking at how to raise awareness about environmental issues: producing posters and a presentation about the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle, and they continue to remind classes to switch off lights, air conditioning and reduce waste. They are also encouraging students to recycle in an effort to become a plastic free school.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the NLCS Junior Swim Squad who won their division title recently. Well done to all the team who have worked so hard all year in improving their strokes and technique. Their tremendous hard work has culminated in some very tangible silverware! Congratulations also go to the Under 9 Rounders team who were victorious in their DAPSA league.

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