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Wednesday May 23, 2018

As we move towards the end of our first year, we are very proud of the positive relationships that have formed between teachers and parents. We firmly believe this partnership between the home and the school will contribute to raising children who will become caring, respectful and responsible citizens.

Recently, we have been working with the children to really deepen their understanding of the Learner Profile attribute, “Caring”, as well as exploring the saying, ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated.’ Daily repetition, whether it’s a helping a friend with their work, having a classroom job, helping a peer after a fall on the playground we strive to make caring second nature so that we hone the children’s caregiving capacities. Learning gratitude similarly involves regularly practising it.

We are about to focus our attention on student class allocation for the next academic year. This is a time consuming process and will continue up until the end of this term and over the Summer period, whilst students continue to enroll. Our decision to mix the classes this year is for a number of reasons. As a new school, which will be increasing in size next year, we need to ensure a balance is sought across all classes to ensure a positive class dynamic and student experience. The children will be consulted with regard to friendships, but please be assured that your child will be placed with children with whom they are already familiar with from their Grade and who we, as professionals, feel would foster a positive dynamic. Children are very adaptable and should you engage in a conversation with your child about this it is important that you present this in a positive light and as an opportunity for them to explore new friendships from September. You will find out who your child’s class teacher will be on Sunday June 24th 2018.

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